Daily Sparkle

Daily Sparkle, the ‘How I wish I was running outside right now’ edition… 

It would have been so awesome….

40 minutes on that bike and all sorts of lifting today. 


Since I currently can’t run at sunsets (or at all) I decided we should have a diner at the end of my usual running route. So we ate some Wahoo Tacos and I enviously watched runners run by while enjoying the sunset. 

It was a pretty fair substitute ;)


Also, thank you all for all your encouraging and thoughtful notes and messages regarding the move!!! <3 

I know it will all be more than fine but still, can I bring the ocean and the ocean sunsets with me?! 


There is a big change on the horizon for my hubby, our kitties, and me. It will mean no more Pacific Coast sunsets. I don’t like it! it will take a lot of deep breaths…. (it might be wise to invest in Kleenex…just saying’)

The biggest bummer of it all is that I don’t think I’ll be able to run much, if at all, by the time we move. This really sucks!!! I will miss my sunset beach runs the most :’(  Well, and my friends too, of course…


The view from my living room (both pics from tonight) <3

PS: If you’re friends with me on Facebook, please don’t say anything, as I have not told anyone in my real life yet. Not ready…

Daily Sparkle

Friday night (7/11)

Daily Sparkle the “20 minute swim in a pool full of old people is, well….not the most exciting….” edition.

Also, no pool pics for mainly the above reason and also it’s really, really hard to take a selfie in a crowded gym without people rolling their eyes at you. :P

Also, also, the full moon last night <3

Happy Caturday! 

Daily Sparkle

First, let me thank you for all your well wishes for fast healing. I have a feeling that it might take a little while before I can do anything remotely close to running any time soon. But it’s OK, I still have two legs and a beating heart. I think that counts for a lot ;)

The Sparkle:

Today (7/10): 25 min on a bike with 5 min cool down, plus all kinds of weight machines for my upper body. 

Gym’s got N.O.T.H.I.N.G. on running outside. Nothing! 

Monday (7/7): 25 min on a bike and all the upper body machines in the house. I don’t like this bike at all, but it’s the only one (except the ones in the spinning room used fro classes) that has a foot strap. This way I can rest my right leg half the time.

Seriously, how do you all get great gym selfies?! My gym’s always kind of crowded, so taking undercover selfies results in quite a disaster.

Also for the record, I have big muscles by nature. I literally don’t need to lift a finger and my biceps are bigger and firmer than my hubby’s (he goes to the gym almost daily!). I’m curious what actually lifting things will do to them muscles. Shall we compare, let’s say in a month? ;)

Can you guess which leg is the ‘booted’ one? 1 inch difference (calf) in 4 weeks. It’s going to be a real blast building it back up :/ 


An update in bullet points and pictures

  • I’m still alive. Apparently…
  • Been too busy to keep up with tumblr :(
  • I haven’t been running 
  • This is why: image image

  • So apparently my plantar fasciitis was feeling pretty lonely and had to get a buddy called Stress Fracture to keep it company. Needy little bastard!
  • No wonder the pain was getting worse and worse every day… After refusing a steroid shot I finally got an MRI and lets say, I wasn’t surprised…
  • This has been my savior for the past 3.5 weeks  image

  • But apparently, I’ve been wearing it the wrong way! This is how Buggy’s thinks I should wear it for better results ;)image

  • 2.5 more weeks left in the boot
  • It’s making my foot smell
  • It’s also making my foot better, so I’ll take it ;)
  • I’ve joined a fitness cult, I mean club…blaaaah
  • My foot doc said that I can swim and do some cycling, as long as I don’t put any pressure on my heel or use my right calf too much.
  • The gym has an indoor track, which would be super awesome if we didn’t have sun 360 days a year. Not sure I understand the need to have it indoors… I’ll be using the pool instead :)
  • My first day was a couple of days ago and with that, the Daily Sparkle resumes :D image

  • It’s hard to take a good selfie in a gym full of people…
  • We celebrated America’s Birthday with my favorite tumblr (lagirlontherun) and I ate ALL the sugar in the world. It was a pie themed party, well and wine of course ;) image
  • Also fireworks in Marina Del Rey from a roof top :) image
  • Work has been good. At all my 3 jobs…. But as the result of working too much, this has been me for the past month or so image
  • There will also be some major changes happening in our lives pretty soon. These changes are not of the welcome kind. Sorry, but a vague bullet point is vague. Not ready to talk about it with anyone yet…. Please keep fingers crossed for a good outcome. Thanks!

  • To offset the bad, there is some glimmer of a new possibility at work. So, please keep your fingers crossed for this too. Thanks! :)
  • Also, when science and Hollywood collide. This happened last week at one of my jobs. And yes, that is yours truly acting all sciencey (yup, that’s totally a word!). My lab will be featured in a documentary that will air on the Discovery Channel in the fall.image

  • I finished up this weekend at a spa with my favorite tumblr, lagirlontherun. It seems to have become our once a month thing we do :) imageAlso, since when have I turned into a girly girl?! 
  • Going back to the gym today after work. I’m so looking forward to getting the sparkle on! :D
  • I hope you’ve all been doing great and hopefully I’ll be able to at least somehow catch up with some of your awesome adventures soon.
  • Peace out my loves <3

Daily Sparkle attempt

Heya! Long time no see :(

I haven’t been around tumblr much lately (boo!) and I’m sorry I’ve been missing all your awesomeness. I’ve been at work (2 jobs) all day every day, putting in around 12 hours, so I only really have “time” to check things out in the evenings……that is, if I have any energy left :P At work, I’m just too busy.

I also haven’t been running, because my foot keeps being an a-hole. This past week it was actually better, so I attempted a run tonight. It was short, sweet, and painful afterward (boo!). But beautiful none the less :)

From my FB post:

Daily Sparkle, the ‘Dude, where’s my fitness?!?’ edition. It was almost as if I’ve never ran before. Oh well, I can get my fitness back again. But my leg needs to stop being an a-hole first…. It felt really good to get the blood pumping again though :)

Toodles my loves :)


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There was a lot of talk today about the media’s failed coverage [read: non-coverage] of the 234 Nigerian girls, thus came the #234WhiteGirls hashtag.

No, none of us wants any white girls to go missing. We just want these Nigerian girls to get the same amount of coverage that white girls get (or would get), because EVERY girl matters.


Not big on reblogging, but some things just need more attention than they’re getting. 

(via 87bluespots)

I’m such a girly girl! ;)
Getting a bit excited taking apart and putting back together a $40,000 machine :P






Guardians of the Galaxy

Is this the new trailer! Looks awesome!

Go home, cat. You’re drunk!

This has to live on my blog for ever!!!! LOL!!!! 






Guardians of the Galaxy

Is this the new trailer! Looks awesome!

Go home, cat. You’re drunk!

This has to live on my blog for ever!!!! LOL!!!! 


I think these chocolate chips are trying to tell me something…..? Lol!

Daily Sparkle

Daily Sparkle brought to you by a short achy (plantar fasciitis) run on a beautiful Easter Eve day ;)

0.25mi walk, 1.5mi run, and 0.25 mi walk


Edited to add: plantar fasciitis :P

Daily Sparkle

Daily Sparkle brought to you by a great run after finishing a super busy week at work, a full 9 hour of sleep last night (best B-Day present to myself!), and getting a "you saved our ass" by my new boss for all my extra work in the past few days :)


0.22mi walk, 1.74mi run, 0.5mi walk

Daily Sparkle

Daily Sparkle brought to you by another beautiful recovery run.

0.5mi walk, 1.5mi run, and 0.5mi walk.

Should be running slower but then it’s impossible to keep a good running form…you win some, you lose some :P

Also, the foot (plantar fasciitis) still hurts, but not when running. I should be always running instead of walking….

Also also, LA Marathon shirt :) I haven’t really had a chance to wear it since I got it at the expo. I wish it was some kind of wild fluorescent color, but gray will do.

Daily Sparkle brought to you by remembering all who were affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon on 4/15/13.
2.62 symbolic miles full of reflection and gratitude for the life I’ve been blessed with. 

Life is beautiful, even when it sucks, but it doesn’t last forever. So go, hug your loved ones and seize the day. Every day! 
Peace <3

0.5 mi walk, 1.5 mi run, and 0.62mi walk